A lens database that offers the following functions:

1) Finding the barcode number and symbol for a particular lens or range of lenses.

2) Ordering the lens or lenses through our Web Connect system.

3) Printing or down loading this data for your own use or to order using our Direct Connect method.


Provides verification that your lens orders have been received by the lens vendors. The Confirmation Check screen shows your order summary by date for each lens vendor, including the following information:
• Total number of line items and pieces for each vendor
• Your purchase order number
• Your OPTICOM order confirmation number
• Your vendor confirmation numbers or order times

You can also sort your information by lens vendor or OPTICOM confirmation number.


Shipment Notification provides you line item detail of your lens shipment. This information is accessible on Opticom’s web site and available from participating lens vendors who send this shipment data to the Opticom System. The detail of your lens shipment includes line items shipped, line items backordered or cancelled and your lens cost information. This advanced notification of lenses backordered or cancelled will give you the opportunity to order a substitute product, preventing or minimizing a customer delay.

Electronic Packing List is available with Opticom’s Shipment Notification feature. Electronic Packing List allows you to download your shipment file to your lab software system. This will give you the capacity to record this shipment as received without verification of each and every item. Utilizing the lens cost information may result in more accurate and more efficient inventory and cost accounting. The Electronic Packing List will be a significant timesavings benefit, but its functionality is based on the presumption that the lens vendor ships precisely what their shipment data indicates.

Click here for participating lens vendors for Shipment Notification and participating lab software vendors who will offer Electronic Packing List.

Matrix Display Searching is Opticom's latest free web based service! Matrix Display allows you to make a selection of a specific lens product that will display the complete available range; sphere and cylinder powers for finished products, and add powers and base curves for semi-finished products.

In addition to improved searching of newly released products, you can also place an initial order for inventory expansion as well as do replacement or short ordering.

Click here to view sample Matrix displays.